Insta360 ONE R. modular action camera for shooting on the ground and underwater

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At CES 2020, Insta360 unveiled the Insta360 ONE R modular camera. It has a three-piece structure: a cube module with a touch display and a module with a lens are connected to the lower red platform, where the battery is located, and the latter can be installed in one direction or the other, depending on from the nature of use. All three parts are waterproof to 5 meters when installed in a mounting bracket.

ONE R provides for the use of one of three modules as a camera: with 1 ″ sensor; spherical Dual-Lens 360 and wide-angle 4K Wide Angle. All of them have voice control and a built-in 6-axis gyroscope used for highly effective FlowState stabilization, providing “tripod” shooting even at night.

Leica was involved in the creation of the optics of this camera, however, the lens does not differ in high aperture due to the f / 3.2 aperture. The one-inch module in the tiny body of the action camera provides higher light sensitivity in low light and allows you to shoot 19MP photos in RAW and JPEG, record video in 5.3K / 30p, 4K / 60p or 1080 / 120p. Battery life when recording in maximum quality is 65 minutes.

There are Hyperlapse modes, HDR photography based on 9 frames with different exposures and a star trek effect for long-term stationary photography of the night sky. Color Plus intelligently brightens dark areas and protects bright tones from highlights and enhances image saturation.

ONE R smartphone software has FlashCut function to automatically select the brightest and highest quality moments from the footage for quick editing and publishing of cinematic videos.

Despite the support for high-resolution 5.7K and H.265 format, sharpness should not be enough for spherical shooting, so the company has implemented the function of intelligent sharpening of the entire Super 5.7K frame. The aperture is f / 2, the photos have a resolution of 18.5 megapixels and can be saved in RAW, and the battery life also reaches 70 minutes.

Suggested 4 artistic effects Stop Motion, Jump Planet, Time Flip and Roll Planet, which can be seen more as fun than a useful tool for shooting.

Along with the camera, accessories for it were presented. GPS Smart Remote is designed to easily track objects in the frame and record GPS data in real time, supports ONE R and ONE X cameras.

A wired 3.5 mm headset can be connected to the camera
via a USB-C adapter. And the special Mic Adapter Wireless Mic, which is attached to the mounting bracket, has a built-in high-quality microphone and wireless connectivity, for example, for connecting an Airpods headset.

A case with enhanced lens protection is also available for the Dual-Lens 360, and an underwater case will be offered for dives up to 30 m in February. 4K Wide Angle and 1 ″ module also received underwater cases.

In February, a tripod for shooting stereoscopic video will be released, involving a clever installation of a pair of identical camera modules. And then the extended battery module will be offered.

Kit with 1 ″ camera, center and battery modules and holder costs 549.99. The 4K Edition kit includes the same but only with the 4K Wide Angle camera module. 299.99, and the Twin Edition kit, which includes the center and battery modules, 4K Wide Angle and Dual-Lens 360 cameras, and lens caps for the spherical camera. 479.99.

You can also assemble your own kits for which 13 types of camera mounts are offered for a variety of sports and shooting conditions at ranging from 19 to 80.

There is an interesting kit. Aerial Edition, designed for shooting spherical video using the DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom drones. It allows you to completely hide the drone and propellers from the frame.

Action Cameras

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Action Camera for activities and adventures

Shoot bright moments of life, share them with your loved ones, create unique films and vlogs. it’s easy with special equipment! Miniature Action Camera provides detailed images, allows you to use different angles for your content and take a fresh look at the world.

What you need to know when buying an Action Camera?

The device is primarily intended for video creation. In this case, the quality of photos will be lower due to the small size of the matrix. Therefore, if you need to take pictures, we recommend that you do it in good daylight.

Best Underwater Video Camera. Sony a6500 vs Gopro Hero 7 Black

Choosing such a gadget for active shooting, Honor has a number of characteristics:


  • form factor and lens location. It can be located both on the panel of a rectangular device and on the end of an elongated case. Elongated shapes with a lens at the end are the most convenient option for attaching to a helmet;
  • matrix type;
  • matrix resolution. For top-end gadgets, it reaches 4K. this is a good choice for professional shooting or slow-mo mode. Full HD-resolution options are optimal in terms of price-quality ratio;
  • sensor resolution. for shooting video, low values ​​are enough, for example, for 4K, a sensor with a resolution of 8 megapixels is enough. In top models, it is up to 20 megapixels;
  • processor power. affects the frame rate;
  • maximum shooting speed;
  • lens angle of view. As a rule, manufacturers use wide-angle lenses with an angle of 120-180 degrees. Keep in mind that small values ​​narrow the area, while large values ​​distort the image. Therefore, the best option ranges from 140 to 160 degrees;
  • general viewing angle. Modern models of action cameras allow you to shoot 360-degree panoramic videos. This is possible thanks to the use of two lenses with 180-degree viewing angles;
  • built-in microphone. available in all modern models. For maximum sound quality, we recommend using an external microphone in addition;
  • control. using a touch screen, voice control or via a smartphone;
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi module. for maximum comfortable control, as well as online data transmission. It is thanks to him that you will be able to quickly build a frame, manage the process through the application on your smartphone;
  • stabilization. optical or electronic, it helps to eliminate shaking when shooting;
  • GPS for binding to the place, time of shooting;
  • the presence of a slot for a memory card. microSD allows you to record and save even more content;
  • battery power, battery life, charging speed;
  • attachment. the device is attached to the wrist, chest or head using special clips and accessories;
  • shock resistance;
  • moisture, dust protection. implemented using a special sealed case. For wet conditions, select models with an IP67 / 68 protection level. And for serious extreme sports, we recommend to additionally use special waterproof accessories. sealed boxes, mounts. They affect the sound quality, but they will save the device from damage;
  • body materials;
  • dimensions, weight;
  • equipment.