GoPro as registrar

Action cameras GoPro have won recognition from both extreme sports fans, who simply need strong and high-quality equIPment, and ordinary users who appreciate the combination of a good picture with compactness and reliability. Progress does not stand still, and GoPro finds new applications. The camera is capable of capturing high quality footage in a wide variety of conditions. Due to the huge range of possibilities, many people ask the question: can a GoPro be used as a registrar? And the answer will be unequivocal. of course yes! And with the addition of the looping feature to the GoPro HERO3 (and all later models), it’s even more convenient. Let’s take a look at the features that GoPro has if you use it as a registrar.

Let’s start with the loop recording function, which turns GoPro into a recorder with a standard recording system for them. The essence of this function is that the recording will be saved in a circle, overwriting the existing files after the expiration of the time limit or when the selected amount of memory is full. Flexible configuration system allows you to choose how exactly the dubbing will take place. When filling all available space or after a certain time. You can set the recording interval to 5, 20, 60 and 120 minutes. The camera will reserve space on the memory card for recording. And the overwrite process will NOT touch existing files. If you select the mode MAX, then the camera will use the entire capacity of the memory card, and overwriting will be carried out only when the space runs out.

Another GoPro advantage, which can be called one of the main ones, is the quality of the resulting image. The wide-angle lens provides a large camera coverage area, high image clarity allows you to see all the details you need, and the frame rate and light sensitivity, even when using the loop recording function, give very legible stills.

The next important feature is the large selection of a wide variety of mounts and accessories for GoPro. These include the Suction Cup, Joby Flexible Suction Mount, Adhesive Platforms, The Frame to connect your camera to a charger, car cigarette lighter, remote control and more. All this makes using GoPro convenient for the most demanding motorist.

The camera automatically assigns a name to the recorded files with the date and time of recording, thus making it easy to find the desired section

Some users worry that the GoPro is not stamping the date, time and GPS coordinates, making it difficult to use the recording in court as evidence. However, this issue can be solved very easily: the angle of the camera should be adjusted so that a fragment of the hood of your car is visible, which is usually enough to confirm that the recording was carried out from your car. This operation is easily carried out using a mobile application that allows you to use the screen of your smartphone as a viewfinder. Demonstration of the date, time or GPS coordinates is NOT required for the use of the in court. In some cases, additional information on the screen can even interfere, hide any details of what is happening.

A few recommendations: the optimal shooting quality is 1080p30fps, since Looping mode does not work at high frame rates and resolutions, or when Protune is enabled, the camera generates an error “DISABLED DUE to fps or protune setting”.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that the GoPro is a universal camera: with the same ease you can both capture the beautiful from your travels and use it in everyday life to solve everyday tasks.

Disadvantages. Action camera

This is a special device that is used to record in an EXTREME situation. There is a special type of unit for each type of activity.

Camera glasses

This is a special device where the camera is built into the glasses. They are used to make the shot seem more realistic.


An ordinary small chamber, for which a special housing is used. Which allows you to increase functionality with additional accessories.


These cameras are used for taking pictures. Designed for virtual reality glasses. They can shoot up to 360 degrees.

How to use an action camera instead of a recorder

Very often, car owners are faced with a situation where it is not clear who is the culprit of road traffic accidents.

As a registrar, many car owners use action cameras, which have an additional function. It is she who allows you to use the camera as a recorder.

Advantages of an action camera

  • Protection. A special case will protect the camera from any harmful effects (mechanical damage, moisture, dust). During a severe accident, the recorder may be damaged. Protective case increases the likelihood of the camera being intact.
  • Overview. It has a larger viewing radius than the registrar, which allows you to see the situation on the road more clearly, and in honor of all the factors that influenced the occurrence of road traffic accidents.
  • Dimensions. Since they have small dimensions, in comparison with the recorder, they take up less space. Accordingly, there will be less interference with the vehicle driver, which makes driving safer.
  • Shooting quality. Since the shooting can be carried out in Full HD quality, you can see everything to the smallest detail. The enlarged sections will be clear.


If it was decided to install an action camera instead of the recorder, then it is necessary to purchase a special mount, and install it in such a way as to minimize exposure to sunlight.

The recording cycle should not be set for more than 20 minutes. This way you can save storage space.


  • They are automatically switched on when the car engine is started, retaining all the previous settings. The built-in battery allows them to record for some time in a jammed car. Some models of recording devices can turn on when driving near the car, which allows you to fall asleep the moment of the offense even in the absence of the driver.
  • The recorder has a shock sensor. That is, in the event of an accident, it disables cyclic recording. This guarantees safety with an accident on the media.
  • Each device comes with a convenient mount on the windshield of the car.
  • Many of the devices have additional features such as a motion sensor, GPS, radar detector, map and even a rear view camera.
  • Simple recorders are much cheaper than Action Cameras. Although, it is worth noting that such devices have a very mediocre recording quality and a meager set of additional features.

Action Cameras with Recorder Mode

Cameras with recorder mode have already started appearing on the market. These are devices that combine the advantages of both gadgets. If you choose a camera for your car, then you should move away from the classic ones and opt for just this type of recorder.

List of the best models with recorder mode:

  • SJCAM SJ4000 (average price 4000 rubles)
  • SONY FDR-X3000 (average price 35,000 rubles)
  • GoPro HERO 7 BLACK EDITION (average price 30,000 rubles)

Features of Action Camera

Action Camera is a device designed for high quality recording in extreme conditions. But can an action camera be used as a recorder? It is worth figuring out what types of cameras exist and whether they are suitable for this role.

Advantages of a car camera

An action camera as a recorder in a car has its advantages, due to which its popularity among car owners is growing:

  • The ability to record in excellent quality. Action Cameras support Full HD format, which allows you to see all the small details when magnified.
  • Large viewing angle. This quality is a huge plus when fixing the road situation, especially for large vehicles.
  • Compactness. Often, such cameras are lighter and lighter than similar recorders.
  • Strength. In the event of a serious accident, the recorder may be damaged and it will be impossible to restore it, moreover, it is possible to lose the recorded one. Action Camera has a protected case, which will allow it to survive in any situation.
  • Waterproof and dirt resistant. Of course, in urban use these qualities may seem like a dubious advantage. But on work machines used in humid or dusty conditions, Action Camera looks much better than a regular recorder.

Types of action cameras

There are several types of Action Camera:

  • Classic. Small-sized camera familiar to everyone, enclosed in a special protective case. Depending on the model of the device, the kit includes various mounts and accessories.
  • Panoramic. Used for panoramic shooting (up to 360 degrees). Has multIPle lenses and lenses. Virtual reality helmets are required to view the footage.
  • Camera glasses. Special glasses with a lens on the bridge of the nose. Most often they are used when you need to create the effect of complete immersion in what is happening.

It can be concluded that only the classic model is suitable for use as a recorder. The other two are too exotic for traffic photography.

Pros and cons of the registrar

Recorder is a special recording device for use in the vehicle interior. Since the recorders are designed specifically for cars, they have advantages over the classic Action Camera.

Disadvantages of registrars

These devices also have their own disadvantages.

  • For the most part, they plug in through the cigarette lighter. This is fraught with additional wires in the car, which spoil the appearance and get in the way.
  • When purchasing a recorder, a memory card is required. Since the internal memory of the device is small (and often absent at all), its full operation is impossible without a flash card.
  • The recorder can only take full pictures in the car. Many people, noticing the external similarity of the gadget with an action camera, ask themselves the question: can the recorder be used as an action camera? The answer to this question is confident comments.

Can an action camera be used as a recorder

Drivers are faced with unforeseen and controversial situations on the roads. It is the recording that clarifies the details of the incident and helps to avoid lengthy legal proceedings. An alternative to such a device can be an Action Camera with a recorder function.

  • Pros and cons of the registrar
  • Benefits
  • Disadvantages of registrars
  • Features of Action Camera
  • Types of action cameras
  • Advantages of a car camera
  • Disadvantages and differences between the camera and the recorder
  • Action Cameras with Recorder Mode
  • Configuring Action Camera before embedding

Disadvantages and differences between the camera and the recorder

However, it should be borne in mind that Action Camera is not designed for cars. Most gadgets lack the usual functions of classic recorders. This GoPro has the disadvantages of using it in a car:

  • Not every action camera can be charged from a car cigarette lighter. To use such a device in a car, you must first charge it at home. In addition, the charge will not last for a long time and the camera will turn off at the most inopportune moment.
  • If the camera is not connected to the cigarette lighter, it will not turn on automatically when the engine is started. This means that before each trIP, you need to manually turn on the gadget and set the necessary settings.
  • A good device is expensive enough to attract the attention of car thieves. Therefore, it is better to bring it with you or to seriously approach the issue of burglar alarms on a car.
  • Another difference between an action camera and a recorder is that it is very vulnerable to direct sunlight. When heated, malfunctions may appear, and it will constantly heat up in the passenger compartment in the summer.

How to use your GoPro as a recorder?

Unlike most basic digital cameras, your GoPro comes with the most important feature a recorder should have, and without this feature it would be impossible to use an action camera as a recorder. This significant feature is loop overwrite, which allows the camera to automatically overwrite old files with new ones when there is NO free space in memory.

Therefore, the main function that you will need to configure if you are going to use your GoPro as a recorder. This will enable Recording Loop.

You won’t need a waterproof GoPro body, but the design of the body will allow you to power on the camera while in use. You will also need a 12 volt USB adapter or 12 volt charger to plug your GoPro into your cigarette lighter socket.

If you do not have a special mount for this action camera, you will have to fork out for its purchase. Unless, of course, you are against drilling a hole in the camera body. Fortunately, these mounts are inexpensive, so there really is a reason to destroy your waterproof camera body.

Once you’ve activated loop overwriting and tucked your GoPro into the case, you can mount it to your dashboard or windshield. The main drawback, of course. This is what you have to turn it on and off every time you start and end the trIP, respectively.

Can I use a GoPro action camera as a recorder?

There are a number of viable alternatives to using recorders, and GoPro is one of the best options. However, there are a number of reasons to avoid using your GoPro as a recorder. NOT the least of these is the fact that this action camera is quite expensive to simply fit into a car. And the main advantage of using GoPro as a recorder. This is, of course, the highest recording quality. This camera is perhaps ideal in cases where the issue is to recognize the smallest details on. Such as license plates. But a number of functions of even the simplest recorder are still not available to this camera.

Why You Shouldn’t Use GoPro as a Recorder?

The main reason not to use your GoPro as a recorder. This is that this is a fairly expensive camera and often isn’t worth repurposing. The minimum cost of the cheapest GoPro starts from 10,000 rubles.

If you plan to continue using it for other purposes. It’s fine. But keep in mind that you will have to make sure every time if you took an action camera with you after using it for its intended purpose.

But that’s not a problem if you have another GoPro and plan to use the first only in a car. However, there are still a few good reasons to think twice before using your GoPro as a recorder. For example, and this is especially important if this is some kind of GoPro Hero4, are you really NOT afraid to leave such an expensive thing in the car right under the open sky, where everyone can see it?

You should also think about whether your GoPro can withstand the temperature inside your car on a hot summer day.

While the GoPro can in practice replace a conventional recorder, the latest devices have some useful features that you simply cannot find on a GoPro. For example, if you can integrate a recorder into the electrical system of your car, and it will turn on and automatically start recording every time you start your car, which makes it impossible to forget to turn it on.

Many recorders also come with a GPS function and a motion sensor. With built-in GPS, the logger can record coordinates before and during an accident.

How to choose

Criteria for choosing a motorcycle recorder:

  • The device should be compact and lightweight.
  • Such a device should be provided with protection against shocks and falls.
  • The camera should shoot at a 360 angle.
  • There must be a secure attachment to the motorcycle helmet or handlebar.

TOP 5 best motorcycle recorders

The motorcycle recorder helps the driver to record what is happening around while driving.

Top Models

Among the best models of dashboard for a motorcycle are:

  • KY MT-18;
  • Mio MiVue C330;
  • Mio MiVue C325;
  • Biker AIR;
  • AVS0710DVR.

KY MT-18 is a small motorcycle recorder. A CMOS sensor is installed here. The device can records in high resolution Full HD. All captured files are recorded in AVI format. User can customize the duration of loop recording. A microSD card is used to store files, which must be purchased separately. A powerful rechargeable battery with a capacity of 200 mAh is installed here.

Technical characteristics and indicators of the model:

Movie resolution 1280720
Display diagonal 3 inch
Screen aspect ratio 16: 9
Maximum frame rate per second thirty
camera 1.3 megapixels
Lens angle of view 150
Total number of lenses 2
Minimum duration 2 minutes
Longest duration 10 minutes
Available memory card size 32 GB
Average device cost 3000 rbl.

Mio MiVue C330 is a compact device, the body of which is made of high-quality black plastic. This device has a camera equIPped with glass lenses and a light-sensitive matrix, so that the gadget can shoot high quality even in low light conditions. Due to the WDR function, you can improve the quality of footage by removing all highlights. The user can activate the SmartAlert option, which will alert the driver when the speed limit is exceeded.

Recorder technical parameters:

Mio MiVue C325 is a recorder equIPped with a camera with a wide-angle lens. The following operating modes are available to the user:

  • Loop recording;
  • Continuous recording without loss of seconds and breaks;
  • Night mode;
  • Photography;
  • Automatic start and timer shutdown.

The camera lenses are made of glass, which increases their lifespan. All elements are powered either through the built-in battery or through the motorcycle’s on-board network. For connection to a computer, the design provides a connector for a mini-USB cable.

Model technical data:

Biker AIR is a recorder with a metal case, which increases the service life of the device. Of the features of this gadget, the presence of an image stabilizer can be distinguished, due to which the picture is clear and with a high level of detail even when driving off-road. The display is equIPped with an IP56 waterproof coating. This model supports microSD cards up to 128GB.

Technical characteristics of the Biker AIR gadget:

Movie resolution 1280720
Display diagonal 3 inch
Screen aspect ratio 16: 9
Maximum frame rate per second 60
camera 5 megapixels
Lens angle of view 150
Total number of lenses 2
Minimum duration 2 minutes
Longest duration 10 minutes
Dimensions 18517060 mm
Average device cost 10900 rbl.

AVS0710DVR is a recorder used for fixing while the motorcycle is in motion. The camera is equIPped with a waterproof and dustproof IP57 and 2 glass lenses. Thanks to the built-in LED illumination, the device can shoot in high resolution even in the dark. The G-sensor will help the driver NOT to lose footage during hard braking or an emergency. This device has a movement indicator, which starts recording when moving objects enter the camera’s view.

AVS0710DVR technical data:

Action Camera

Action Camera can be used as a recorder on a motorcycle. Such a gadget can be attached to a motorcycle helmet using a special bracket or a vacuum suction cup.

Bullet HD Biker PRO Plus is a Wi-Fi camera with a dedicated app that can be installed on a phone with an Android or iOS operating system. Rubberized shock-resistant camera body allows the device to retain footage even in the event of an emergency.

Specifications Action Camera Bullet HD Biker PRO Plus:

Diaphragm 1.8
Camera angle 160
Resolution 19201080
Maximum write speed 60 fps
Loop recording 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 minutes
Built-in rechargeable battery capacity 850 mAh
Memory capacity 64 GB
recording format MOV
codec H.264
microphone sensitivity 60 dBA
average cost 12700 rbl.

The Drift HD Ghost X recorder has several advantages over comparable models:

  • Duration of work in offline mode 8 hours;
  • Rotating lens;
  • High quality shooting in low light conditions;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi module;
  • Replaceable glass lenses;
  • Loop shooting capability.

Drift HD Ghost X specifications:

Action Camera As A Recorder
Built-in memory 1 GB
Maximum resolution 19201080
camera 12 megapixels
write speed 30 fps
Angle of rotation of the lens 300
viewing angle 140
Dimensions 438,231.4 mm
Full mass 120 g
Allowable volume 128 GB
Built-in battery capacity 1500 mAh
Price 10000 rub.

Bullet HD Biker Mate. This model is equIPped with a motion sensor, G-sensor and a rubberized case with protection against moisture and dust.

Camera angle 160
Resolution 19201080
Built-in rechargeable battery capacity 850 mAh
Memory capacity 64 GB
recording format MOV
codec H.264
average cost 10500 rbl.

Supplied with mount, user manual and charger.

GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition

The most advanced and functional GoPro in the Hero 7 series. It has a touchscreen display and a waterproof housing that can withstand submersion up to 10 meters. 12MP stills, 4K recording at 60fps.

If you need a highly functional and modern GoPro instead of a recorder on an unlimited budget, then this model is an excellent choice. The average cost of Hero 7 Black Edition is 35 thousand rubles.

Short descrIPtion

Action camera is a digital (IP) device for shooting in motion and in adverse environmental conditions. Has a body and lens, reliably protected from dust and moisture, with shockproof characteristics, removes alive and emotional. Interesting stuff for travel blog, etc. Has several mounting options.

Selected models come with convenient adapters and brackets for machine installation.

Xiaomi YI 2 4K

Camera with 2.2-inch display, Ambarella A9SE95 processor and Sony IMX377 sensor. Enclosed in a rectangular case. Has a 7-element F2.8 glass lens for sharp photos. EquIPped with a built-in 1400 mAh rechargeable battery, a full charge lasts for 2 hours of continuous operation.

Sony FDR-X3000. Best Action Camera Review. Advantages and disadvantages

  • convenient and safer use outside the vehicle, such as fishing and hunting. This is very important for extreme lovers and outdoor enthusiasts;
  • The action camera works as a recorder. Has a loop recording function. Saves clIPs to a memory card. The main difference is a wider viewing angle compared to most recorders. The action camera records everything that happens on the roadway and sidewalks, does not lose sight of anything;
  • The action camera is more durable under operating conditions. Less sensitive to shocks and strong shaking. Remains safe and sound when dropped.

The disadvantages of an action camera are:

  • Requires adjustment before each ride, and does not turn on when the engine is started;
  • Action cameras with similar recording characteristics are more expensive than a car dash cam;
  • Inexpensive action cameras often survive long periods of time inside a car in hot weather, especially in direct sunlight, and start glitch.

Which is better: recorder or action camera. comparison of features and functions

When comparing specifications and functionality, a lot depends on the manufacturer, model and equIPment. Both categories include budget and premium devices with limited and advanced functionality.

Differences between action cameras and recorders

Action camera and recorder are used for shooting. But in different conditions. The car recorder is designed to record in a stationary position. Suitable for work only inside the machine.

The action camera has the following differences from the car registrar:

  • Shockproof body and lens.
  • Resistant to moisture and dust.
  • Capable of high-quality recording in conditions of strong vibrations and severe shaking.
  • Longer offline recording.
  • Lack of motion and tilt sensors responsible for automatic recording. G-sensors are increasingly common in modern action cameras.

Types of action cameras

  • Standard. Classic action cameras come in a square or rectangular body. There is a display on one side and a lens on the other. The device is enclosed in a protective shell or has a special box. Several types of mounts and optional accessories are available. Such devices are similar to car recorders.
  • For panoramic shooting. The main feature is the presence of multIPle lenses and wide-angle objects. 360-degree equIPment designed for panoramic shooting. When skydiving or traveling in the mountains. The recordeds are viewed in virtual reality helmets. Panoramic action camera instead of a recorder is not used.
  • Glasses with a built-in camera. The most compact and convenient models of action cameras are used by skiers, cyclists and divers. The lens is built into the center of the glasses on the bridge of the nose, so you get a with an incredible immersive effect. The viewer sees what is happening through the eyes of the person who filmed

There are models with enhanced night shooting capabilities thanks to IR LED backlights (usually 6-10 pieces).

About 2 in 1 devices

Action cameras with recorder mode are multifunctional devices that are used to capture outdoor activities and daily travel by car. Installed using suction cups or other standard mounts. The main power supply is from the cigarette lighter. Thanks to the presence of a built-in battery (less often replaceable batteries) and a reliably protected case, they are freely used outdoors.

A conventional action camera and a 2-in-1 recorder are equally successful in shooting in adverse conditions. However, the cost of the second device is higher.

Action cameras with car recorder functions include the following models:

  • SJCAM SJ6 Legend.
  • Advocam-FD Sport.
  • GoPro Hero 7 Black Edition.
  • GoPro Hero 4 Session.
  • Xiaomi Yi Wi-Fi DVR.

Action camera and recorder AdvoCam-FD SPORT. Overview

Action camera and recorder AdvoCam-FD SPORT. Overview

I have already reviewed a lot of AdvoCam recorders: AdvoCam-HD2, AdvoCam-FD5 Profi, AdvoCam-FD8 Profi GPS Red.

On my recent visit to Moscow, the manufacturing company invited me to study a new interesting model called AdvoCam-FD Sport, which is both a recorder for cars and motorcycles, and a protected action camera, and it also costs very little money.

And what, the idea, in my opinion, is quite reasonable. All motorists need registrars: to prove their innocence in the event of a set-up or some, God forbid, accidents, to escape from the arbitrariness of traffic cops. And so on and so forth.

At the same time, many users sometimes want to be able to fall asleep on their bike trIP, downhill skiing, diving into the sea, rafting on a mountain river, but you never know what! If you do any extreme and not very extreme sports only from time to time, then it hardly makes sense to spend money on an expensive action camera like GoPro (the fourth generation of GoPro on “Yandex.Market” starts from 26 thousand rubles), especially since in addition to the camera itself, you also have to buy the appropriate equIPment for it in the form of various mounts. So, maybe, in this case, use a camera that diligently works for you as a registrar, then it really allows you to do such things?

Well, let’s see what this device is and how comfortable it is to use it as a recorder and an action camera.


Battery removable, Li-Ion, 3.7 V / 900 mA (2 pcs. included)
Matrix 3 megapixel, 1/3 CMOS sensor “Aptina AR0330
display TFT LCD 1.5 “4: 3
CPU Sunplus SPCA6330M
Lens angle of view 156. aperture 1.8, focus: 2.94mm,
glass, 6-layer
parameters 1920 × 1080 @ 30fps, 1280 × 720 @ 60 fps
exit HDMI micro (Type D)
sound speaker with volume control, microphone with mute
memory micro SD (SD, SDHC, SDXC) up to 64 GB
photo mode 10 Mpix. 3648 × 2736
8 Mpix. 3264 × 2448
5 Mpix. 2560 × 1920
3 Mpix. 2048 × 1536
Dimensions (B × Sh × D) and weight 58 × 59 × 28mm, 56g, with camera arm, no power adapter (no thermal housings)
working conditions -10.50 C without thermal housings in the car
-10.50 C in Thermo housings
relative humidity 20-80% (non-condensing)
Price 6990 rubles (for “Yandex.Market”)

Contents of delivery

Typical for AdvoCam design: bright box with a detailed descrIPtion of the device’s capabilities.

Inside there is a lot of everything: AC power adapter, car power adapter, special box that ensures watertightness when immersed up to 30 meters, car bracket, bike / motorcycle mount, helmet mount, trIPod / monopod mount, mount on clothes, two batteries, three removable color panels, a USB cable, a set of adapters and fasteners for different types of surfaces.

Appearance and features

The camera itself looks extremely simple: a kind of black parallelepIPed (we remember that you can change the color of the front panel using additional covers). On the front panel there is a lens and an on-off button (it also switches the shooting / playback mode).

Behind. Small display and two indicators.

At the top. OK button that controls recording: turns on, pauses, turns off.

On the right side. Up and down buttons and a tiny monitor speaker. The up button in the recording mode can turn on / off the microphone (by the way, this is very convenient), and in the viewing mode it turns on the Wi-Fi transmission mode (for downloading media data and for controlling the camera from a smartphone).

On the left side. Slot for microSD memory card, microHDMI output and microUSB port (for charging and for data transfer).

The battery is removable, and a second battery is also included. (For improved battery life.)

For the convenience of removing the battery, the compartment is equIPped with a special tape, which allows you to remove the battery quickly and easily.

It is advisable to use the device as an action camera, placing it in a protected hermetic box. It is made of plastic and is quite lightweight. The hermetic box is provided with access to all control buttons of the camera.

A plastic latch that covers the hermetic box is located on the upper end.

To open the box, you need to press a special button and release the latch. The back cover will open. After that, the camera can be pulled out with your fingers, for which you have to make a certain effort: so that the camera inside the box does not dangle, it is placed there with some tension.

Camera next to open thermo housings.

The kit includes two additional overlays for the front of the camera. Yellow and white (the default black soft touch overlay is installed on the camera).

Camera with yellow overlay.

In order to install the camera for shooting, it must be placed in a special holder, equIPped with landings for mounting from above and below.

Car glass mount camera.

Camera with a mount for a car torpedo equIPped with double-sided adhesive tape “3M”.

Bicycle / Scooter / Motorcycle Handlebar Mount.

The kit also includes several more mounts for various purposes: for a helmet, monopod, trIPod, clothes and so on.

Display information and settings

When shooting, a certain amount of information is displayed on the display: the resolution of the clIP, the operation of the microphone, the presence of a memory card, the remaining shooting time on the card for the current parameters.

The recording time of the current clIP is displayed when shooting.

By short pressing the Power / Mode button, switch between: recording. Photo recording, viewing recordings.

Button “arrow to down” when pressed in shooting-ready mode, displays the settings menu. (Pressing it while shooting takes a photo.)

There are not many settings here, but there is everything you need for operating modes as a recorder and action camera.

Resolution. 1080p (30fps) or 720p (60fps). Quality. Adjust the compression level. The higher the level. The worse the quality, but the smaller the size of the clIPs.

Recording cycle (clIP size in minutes). 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes and DO NOT divide intos.

In the mode of operation of the recorder, the display can be left on, but in the mode of using the action camera, you can configure the automatic shutdown of the display: so that the camera works longer on a single charge.

Screen rotation is needed for different operating modes: for the recorder, the screen may need to be turned upside down. When attached to glass with a suction cup.

In chapter “system” the recorder can be flashed with a new software version.

By the way, some of the traditional features of the DVR can be useful in the action camera mode: the ability to set the date-time stamp, protect the from cyclic overwriting, quickly turn on / off the microphone, and so on.

Remote control

The camera supports remote control using an application installed on the phone. The application is called iSmart DV and is present in the App Store and Google Play. It must be installed on the phone, then on the camera, press and hold the button with the Wi-Fi image (up arrow), after which the camera will create a ViewWi-Fi_8F48 network, to which the smartphone must be connected (the default password is 12345678).

Next, we launch the application, and in it you can make various settings, take photos, start and stop shooting. Download media files from camera to smartphone / tablet.

Device operation

Well, now the most important thing. Examples of filming with this camera.

First. In recorder mode.

Afternoon, slightly cloudy.

Indoor garage.

At night, after precIPitation.

Camera in Thermo housings, shooting underwater.

Shooting on a sunny day for a walk.

Shooting for a walk.

For those who want to see how theses look in the original (Youtube, as you know, squeezes the laid out ones), I posted examples of shooting on “YANDEX DISC”: Shooting indoors, outdoors variable Clear, at night, on a sunny day.

Battery life

With a fully charged battery at maximum resolution, the camera works for about a while. Thus, if the spare battery is charged in advance, then the charge will be enough for two hours of autonomous operation: as a rule, this is quite enough.

Observations at work and conclusions

During testing, two interesting points emerged. The first. When used as a recorder, the camera is not very easy to pull out of the holder: you have to use two hands and apply a noticeable effort. If the camera is installed permanently, then this is NOT a problem, but if it has to be pulled out every time you park. I’ll have to get the hang of it.

Second point. When the camera is used as a recorder and is constantly connected to power, the battery in it for some reason gradually loses its charge. I had to study the instructions, and there it is directly written that when connecting the camera to the cigarette lighter, the battery must be removed.

I did not find any other problems when using the device.

What are the conclusions? Interesting and truly versatile device “three in one (auto-moto-sport)”, which can be used both as a recorder and as an action camera. Shooting quality. Quite decent, and the price for such a versatile device, in my opinion, is even low. Only 6990 rubles (about 90).

Action camera

Just like the previous unit, the action-camera is distinguished by its compact dimensions (for example, the dimensions of the HERO5 Black are only 33x62x45 mm). They can be installed Not only on the windshield of a car, but also on a helmet, bicycle handlebars, or even on your hand. This is one of the points, how the action camera differs from the recorder, which is fixed either on ZM tape or on a suction cup.

Features of such devices:

  • Manufacturing material. Usually, the units are made of aluminum and reinforced plastic, so that the units are lightweight and durable.
  • Dust and moisture protection. Devices withstand any test, they are not afraid of moisture ingress: for example, HERO6 successfully transfers immersion up to 10 meters under water.
  • Shooting quality. The device shoots everything that happens in formats up to Ultra HD.
  • Frame frequency. Here, the rates vary from 24 to 240 fps in different instances. Frequencies of 60 fps or more allow smooth playback even in slow motion.

Some units boast a remote control (for example, FDR-X3000), which are included in the kit.

Depending on the model, electronic devices may have other features, for example, the ability to edit smalls using the built-in editor. Shooting in extreme conditions remains the main thing here.

Action camera or recorder: 10 advantages and disadvantages of using both devices

Both the action camera and the recorder will 100% cope with the option of recording what is happening on the way. But can one device successfully replace another? Can an action camera be used as a recorder? What are underwater rocks operation of both devices, what do they know how to do and in whose favor to make a choice? The article will help to understand all this.

Car recorder

Its main task is to fix the information with the date and time. A camera (e.g. AT 180) records clIPs of a certain length and stores the data on a memory card.

Features of the device:

  • New data is automatically written instead of old data when the space on the flash drive runs out;
  • The viewing angle of the devices is approximately 100 to 360 degrees;
  • The device starts and ends when the cigarette lighter is turned on / off;
  • Different types of devices can shoot in different resolutions: from the usual HD to Full HD and even higher.

The units have very compact dimensions (for example, the dimensions of the F117 are 99x49x37 mm).

Useful options for these fixtures:

Can an action camera be used as a recorder?

Both devices are compact and recordable. But can an extreme camera (for example, CHDHZ-201) replace a recorder for a car?

Pros of using it:

  • High definition recording capability;
  • Wide viewing angles allow “trim” picture;
  • Impact resistance will be useful in case of accidents en route;
  • The ability to shoot at a speed of 60 fps can also come in handy to see the smallest details in the event of an accident.


  • The cost of devices is higher than that of registrars;
  • There is a possibility that there will be no mounts for the car;
  • Each time you have to turn it on manually.

Pros of using a car recorder:

  • It is included in the work itself from the moment the motor starts;
  • Ease of assembly and disassembly;
  • There are additional modules (G-sensor, anti-sleep, motion detector).

The disadvantages include significantly less functionality than in extreme cameras, but all functions are focused directly on traffic safety and recording on the way. Also in Certain copies of registrars limps viewing angle, however, the problem is solved very simply. by buying a more modern model.

Recorder or action camera: what to choose in the end? You can further explore the parameters of each device.

Can a GoPro, Sony or second brand camera be used as a registrar? If you go on an extreme tour of the mountains and steppes, then, of course, you can. For trIPs around the city, an ordinary vehicle recorder is quite suitable, the cost of which is several times less than in extreme cameras. over, the latter are more secure and fancy attachments that are perfect for use in difficult conditions.