Advantages of Car DVR

A DVR is a device that is intended to be used only in a vehicle.

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For this reason, it has a number of important properties:

  • Turning on the device when starting the engine or turning off when stopping the car. The built-in battery allows these devices to work for a while after turning off the power of the machine. When connected to the battery circuit directly, the recorder can work even when the ignition is turned off.
  • In the event of an accident, the DVR automatically disables the loop overwrite function and saves the last video to a special protected folder.
  • A DVR can have a large matrix size, since there are no criteria limiting its weight or dimensions. The larger the matrix of the video recorder, the better its color sensitivity and video resolution.
  • The set with the car recorder always comes with a convenient mount, which allows you to simply and easily attach the device to the windshield of the vehicle. It should be said that manufacturers of action cameras have recently begun to equip their devices with car mounts.
  • There are many additional modules built into the recorders that can be useful on the road. Such hardware components include G-sensor, GPS-module, motion sensor, rear-view camera, GSM, image stabilizer. Some models of DVRs even have a built-in fixed radar detector.

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Should you buy an action camera with a dash cam in your car?

Most of these devices in terms of shooting quality are not inferior to specialized automotive video surveillance devices, and often even surpass them. Therefore, many motorists are wondering which is better to choose a dash cam or an action camera? It is difficult to unambiguously determine the choice, because both types of devices have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and cons of action cameras with dash cam function

An action camera cannot provide such a wide range of functionality. But the resolution of this device is not inferior to even the most expensive registrars. Usually, not the most expensive cameras for extreme shooting can shoot at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, with a frequency of up to 60 frames / s (for recorders, the frequency is not higher than 30 frames / s). In addition, action cameras have wide-angle lenses with good viewing angles (from 100 degrees or more).

The most popular representative of action cameras is GoPro. For this reason, this device will be taken as an example. Of course, this device can be installed in a car and used as a recorder, but there are several reasons why this should not be done. First, the GoPro is a good camera, but it is quite expensive. Its price exceeds that of the vast majority of DVRs. And secondly, this and other action cameras lack a functional set that even the simplest car registrar has.


But still, if desired, this camera can be used as a video recorder. One of the most important functions of the DVR is video loop recording, which deletes old videos and replaces them with new ones, saving device memory.

Most good extreme camcorders, including GoPro, have this feature. Therefore, before using such cameras as a DVR, you must first activate this function. GoPro Hero 4 is capable of shooting in a resolution of 1920×1440 at a frequency of 60 frames / s.

This camcorder is designed to connect to the vehicle’s network. To do this, you will additionally need a USB adapter or charger for connecting to the cigarette lighter socket. In addition, a vehicle mount is not supplied as standard and must be purchased separately. The main disadvantage of this device is that it will have to be turned on and off each time at the beginning and end of the trip, respectively. GoPro doesn’t have built-in motion sensor, G-sensor or GPS tracker.