What to do if the keyboard does not work on the laptop

User question.


Help with one problem. For no reason, the keyboard on my laptop Lenovo B70-80 stopped working for no reason. The laptop did not hit, did not fill, did not hit. just after turning on, does not respond to pressing some keys. What can be done?

What is good in this regard a regular computer is a quick change in one keyboard to another. In the laptop, such a procedure, unfortunately, cannot be checked so quickly

In general, so that for no reason the keyboard stops working. the case is extremely rare. Most often, the user guesses what the reason (and sometimes keeps silent). For example, quite often there are keyboard flooding with tea, water, juice; mechanical damage, etc.

In this article I will consider the main reasons for the keyboard failure to work, and what can be done to restore the performance of the device. So.

The keyboard on the laptop failed: Reasons

What can be done to temporarily correct the situation

I want to start an article with what temporary measures can be taken in order to somehow type some symbols, press the necessary keys (which may be needed in the process of restoring performance).

  • Connect a USB-keyboard. So that on any modern laptop there are several USB ports. By the way, if USB ports also do not work, then this is a rather bad sign, it may indicate the failed mat. fee;
  • – Call the screen keyboard. It is located in the section: control panel/special capabilities/center of special capabilities (see. screenshot below).

1) Inattention/user ignorance

No matter how funny it sounds, but very often the keyboard “does not work” due to user ignorance.

keyboard, does, work, check, connect

For example, how many times they complained to me that the numbers on the keyboard have broken, that the dates are not entered, etc.D But the fact is that the digital keyboard works with the Num Luck closed key (by the way, there is often an LED on it or above it).

So, if this key is not pressed, when trying to enter the number from the digital keyboard. your cursor will jump, move, not react at all.

If you do not work numbers. be sure to pay attention to this key!

Note: Some laptop models include a digital keyboard only by pressing the key combinations: FN Num Lock.

By the way, one more point: applies to functional keys (F1, F2, F, 3. F12). On modern laptops, in order for any of these keys to work-you need to press the FN key besides it. Usually, this moment is configured in BIOS.

The screenshot below shows the “Advanced” Dell laptop. at the “Function Key Behavior” item, it is possible to choose how the functional keys will work:

  • in multimedia-cover mode (reduce/add volume, brightness, etc.);
  • or in the mode of ordinary functions (update the page, call a certificate, etc.D.).

BIOS laptop Dell. Selecting the operating mode of the keys

To consider in detail here how to enter BIOS and how to set it up, but I will give a couple of links to articles from which you can draw this information:

2) garbage under/between keys

Under the keyboard keys, dust, dirt, crumbs love to accumulate very much, and indeed, over time, it is greasy from greasy hands, fingers even with rather neat users.

Because of this, part of the keys (usually everything starts with one or two) ceases to respond normally, you have to press and crush the force.

To help!

Article on how to clean a laptop/PC from dust. Link to the section of the article on how the keyboard is cleaned from crumbs, fat traces and dust.

You can clean the keyboard (in my opinion) in three ways:

  • use special. A USB accessory, which can neatly and carefully collect most crumbs from the keyboard surface (see. screenshot below);
  • use special. Velcro, which when pressed on them fill the plane of the keyboard, and when you disconnect them, all dust and dirt remain on them;
  • You can blow the keyboard with a conventional vacuum cleaner (especially if it has a reverse mode), and then gently wipe it with a damp cloth moistened with soapy solution.

3) software failure, error when loading OS

If not a single key on the keyboard works at all (and you did not fill it, did not knock, etc.). then I hasten to assure you, in more than half of cases. to blame for. For example, a conflict of drivers could occur, at the stage of loading your OS or some kind of virus and t.D.

The easiest and most correct way is to try to restart the laptop to start. It will not be superfluous to enter the BIOS and check how the keyboard works in it.

Note: if you have a keyboard in BIOS (and what you enter it already talks about it). it means that you probably have a reason for the software.

In the case of problems with iron, the keyboard will not work anywhere: neither in BIOS, nor in Windows, nor in any other OS!

If, after rebooting the laptop, the keyboard does not work again (and the keyboard worked in the BIOS), try to roll back the system to the state when everything was in order. Below I will give a link to an article on the restoration of Windows.: The rollback can be made using a bootable flash drive without loading the main system).

To help!

How to restore Windows 10. Step Instructions.

If the restoration does not help (or you will not have control points for recovery), you can try to reinstall the system. I also recommend paying attention to the drivers, about them just below.

In general, usually, drivers on the keyboard are installed automatically during the installation of Windows. But sometimes the following problems are observed with them:

  • Some laptops have a several non.standard keyboard with additional. functions. and for its full work, special. Drivers. In their absence. the keyboard may not work in full mode;
  • A failure/conflict of drivers in the system could occur. Often this happens with USB drivers, on TV tuner, audio-drivers, etc.;
  • Perhaps the keyboard drivers themselves were damaged directly.

    Open the device manager: click the combination of Winr buttons. Enter DEVMGMT.MSC and press Enter.

5) acidification of contacts of the keyboard loop, damage to the train

If the previous steps did not help anything, and the laptop keyboard also does not respond to any of your presses. I recommend checking the train. The following happens to him, usually the following:

  • If you disassembled a laptop and turned off/connected the keyboard. it is possible that the train could simply not be tightly inserted into the nest. If this was the place to be, try to reconnect the keyboard;
  • It is also often damaged with a neat disassembly of the laptop (wiring in the train is quite thin and can be interrupted by one non.cautious movement);
  • Contacts of the train, or the nests in which he “sit down” could eventually oxidize and not give good contact. Try gently wipe them with an eraser (as a rule, contacts even begin to become lighter by eye, which means you removed the oxidized plaque).

How to enable the keyboard on the laptop: Instruction

Remove the laptop battery.

It sounds strange, but often helps. If the laptop keyboard has stopped working, turn off the power completely.

Pull out the cord from the network, close the lid, turn the laptop, and take out the battery. Check if she was swollen. If so, use it forbidden, work from the network.

Acer Keyboard Not Working. 6 Fix

If everything is in order with the battery, install it in place, and turn it on the laptop.

Update the keyboard driver.

Do not waste time finding out whether there can be a problem in the driver. Just update it.

This is a common way to solve the problem with a non.working keyboard on a laptop. It is also effective if separate keys do not work, and not the keyboard whole.

Press the launch with the right button and select the device manager. Go to the keyboard section and click with the right mouse button to an affordable keyboard. Select the item update the driver. Next. automatic search for updated drivers. If it’s not a driver, Windows 10 will report that the latest version of the driver is installed on the device.

To be 100% confident that the problem is not with obsolete laptop software and not with a conflict in the operation of individual components, we suggest going to the manufacturer’s website and update manually.

To do this, in the basement or in the menu of the manufacturer’s official website, find the Drive and Support section (drivers and utilities). Enter the model or serial number of the device, and update all the proposed.

Laptop power setting.

If the keyboard in Windows sometimes does not work, but after restarting the system begins to work again, try the next way.

Click the launch with the right mouse button, select power control. In the right menu, find additional power parameters.

In the left menu of the opening window, select the Action of the power buttons. Remove the checkmark from the point change of parameters that are now not available.

Remove the check box from the item Turn on the quick start. Save the settings and reboot the laptop.

Creating a new task.

If the keyboard does not work after entering the account. through the task dispatcher to find the CTFMON process.EXE.

If it is not, run manually through the file-will, the new task.

If it helped, then add the process to the auto load through the register. To do this, click a combination of Winr keys. In the window opened, type regedit and click OK. Next, go to the folder along the following path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Software. Microsoft. Windows. Currentversion. Run.

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working | Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

Next, select the editing menu. create. string parameter. Title. CTFMON, value. %Systemroot %System32ctfmon.EXE. Reload the laptop.

Check for malicious.

The next step will be a check for viruses and other undesirable software installed on the laptop. To do this, download the Malwarebytes utility from the official website of the developer (free download), and start full scanning.

If you have a free antivirus type Avira, 360 Total Security or Avast, disconnect it. After cleaning the system from malicious programs, reboot the laptop.

Cleaning from system garbage and cleaning the registry.

It can also cause the laptop keyboard to work. In order to put the Windows system in order, install the free version of the CCleaner program from the official website.

Clean the operating system and restore the integrity of the registry in accordance with our instructions. After that, reboot the laptop.

Check the key stuck mode.

Enter the search parameters of special keyboard capabilities in the line.

Check whether the button is active to use the keying of the keys.

To avoid random inclusion in the future, remove the box from the point allow the inclusion of clinging the keys using a combination combination.

Windows update.

Unfortunately, the common cause of the non.working laptop keyboard is the installed Windows 10 update.

If you find problems with the keyboard after the next update, delete the update.

To do this, go to the system settings and select the update and safety item. Next. View the Journal of Updates. You will see recently installed updates, after which there was a failure in the work of the laptop keyboard. Click remove updates and reboot the laptop.

Checking the train.

Do not fulfill this stage if you do not feel confident with a screwdriver in your hand. We will need to disassemble part of the laptop body and check why the keyboard does not work. One of the possible reasons is the train connecting the keyboard with the motherboard.

Open on YouTube video with disassembling your laptop model. Be sure to turn it off from the network and pull out the battery before starting work. Put on rubber gloves to exclude the appearance of static electricity. Photograph each stage of disassembly so that there are no problems with the assembly of the laptop.

Raising the upper part of the case with the keyboard, check if the train is connected. The fastening is short and is well fixed, but sometimes it falls (usually after unprofessional repair).

The keyboard on the laptop does not work after everything described what to do?

If not one of the following methods has helped, contact the computer service. The reason is hardware. and without special knowledge and equipment, you will not correct it.

Immediately specify the cost of work. If you can’t call the exact price to you, ask me to inform the price range, and when conducting what work there will be such a price.

Be sure to receive an act of work performed or strict reporting form where all the services rendered will be indicated.

Program failures

The Internet corrupted not only users, but also software developers. Today you can easily download drivers packages, improved Windows 10 functionality, external devices. It often happens that after updating his operating system, the user is faced with a situation where he does not work from the keyboard. What to do in this case depends on the complexity of the problem.

Check in safe mode

Safe mode is specially designed to eliminate problems in the software environment of the operating system. To enter it, you need to:

  • Turn on the laptop;
  • Without waiting for the appearance of the operating system loading, press F8;
  • In the list that appears on the screen, select a safe mode.

In Windows 8 and later versions, the entrance to the safe mode is made in another way. You need to press the start, select the control panel (standard control panel), press administration, go into the system configuration. Here you need to set a checkplace check and restart.

After the system is loading and the keyboard will work, it is worth eliminating the possible causes of problems. Recently installed programs are deleted for this.

Advice! It is recommended to rearrange all the drivers from the CD, which was supplied with the laptop. After that, the computer is rebooted.

System rollback

If the laptop was tuned not by a artisanal craftsman, but was supplied with the installed operating system, it is activated in the protection function. With any installation of drivers or other software modules belonging to the basic functionality, the recovery point is created.

If the keyboard has stopped working, it is worth rolling back the system. This does not affect the user data and the installed programs. To restore one of the points, you need:

  • Turn on the laptop;
  • press F8 until the list of actions appears;
  • Select “Restore the last state of the system” (with efficient parameters).

Then it will be proposed to choose one of the saved recovery points. First you can dwell on the last. If after that everything works poorly, then it is worth repeating actions and choosing a point with an earlier creation time.

Incorrect drivers

As mentioned above, the Internet corrupted users. Today you can download a ready.made driver of drivers, one of the Driver Pack Solution or install a program that will update them automatically. The problem is that this method often leads to conflicts in the operating system on laptops.

Important! Only drivers offered by the manufacturer should always be installed. If the keyboard has stopped working due to the installation of incorrect software, it should be removed. The most correct way is to download new drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

How to introduce characters without a working keyboard

All Windows family operating systems have the so.called screen keyboard. It allows, operating only with a touchpad, enter letters and numbers. You can find this useful program:

  • Pressing the start-special capabilities in Windows 7, XP;
  • Clicking with the right button on the taskbar, selecting the toolbar menu, then the touch keyboard in Windows 8 and above.

Having received a screen keyboard, you can simply write words, gain numbers. If the speed of work in this way does not suit, you will have to connect an external physical keyboard to the laptop, to the USB port or via Bluetooth.

Correct a physical failure

In this case, you will have to disassemble the keyboard and in stages to see what could fail there. To do this, follow the following actions (it is very important to adhere to precisely the order in which all actions will be listed further):

Turn off the laptop and remove the battery out of it.

Take a flat screwdriver and gently push all the latches of the plate on which the keyboard is held. If you do not see any latches on your laptop, you should pick up the instructions and read what is written about the keyboard and how it is extracted. In any case, some mounting mechanisms should be present.

The process of opening the latch of the keyboard plate

The keyboard plate is attached to the laptop itself using a train. You will see him right away.

So, if there are obvious damage to it, you just need to remove the train and replace it with a new. To do this, take the old train, go to the nearest electronics store and buy the same.

If the train is not damaged, it still needs to be removed. At the same time, the train should not be taken for the conductors in any case! You can only take up the plastic parts with which it is attached to other parts of the laptop. For clarity in Figure 10, those parts are shown for which you can take on those that you cannot take on. True, keyboards are usually used by slightly other train.

In the same place, under the plate of the keyboard you can find a microcontroller. It must be dried and try to stretch the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Explain how to find this very microcontroller is quite difficult. To say simply. this is exactly the device to which the train is attached. Just in case, when removing the keyboard, go through all controllers that you will see. Independently, without special knowledge, nothing else can do anything else. Again, if you see obvious damage on the microcontroller, it is better to replace it.

If everything is fine with the train, you have to disconnect the keys and clean them. Usually the button can be removed in a standard way. lift the same flat screwdriver. Start with problem buttons. If you see damage under them, replace the elements with which the button is attached to the laptop.

And if everything is fine, remove all the buttons. Then you should stretch all the dust with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the entire visible surface with a cotton wool with alcohol.

Try to use the keyboard again.

If the problem has not disappeared, remove all the buttons and remove the aluminum plate that is under them. Usually she also has special mounts that are removed quite easily. But under it is hidden polyethylene board with drawn paths.

Inspect it on the subject of obvious damage. if any, there are two options: draw new paths or buy a new fee. In any case, go through the board with a vacuum cleaner.

To check the integrity of the tracks, use the tester.

Checking the integrity of the tracks on the keyboard board by the tester

To draw paths, use a set for repairing threads of the rear glass of the car (called).

If nothing helps, it is best to hand over the computer for repair.

The video below clearly shows the process of disassembling the laptop keyboard.

Part of the keyboard on the laptop does not work: what to do and how to fix is ​​a detailed guide

Part of the keyboard on the laptop does not work: what to do and how to fix is ​​a detailed guide

Repair laptop ASUS UX582L. Keyboard restoration⁠ ⁠

Last week, comrade @mr.JKE, in the post we need to repair the keyboard of the laptop ASUS UX582L Duo asked for assistance in repairing the keyboard of the fresh laptop ASUS UX582L.

Если честно, времени было мало. ремонт срочный. По-этому, фото не делал, чтобы красиво пост оформить. Весь материал, который есть. это видео съемка под микроскопом. По правилам, постараюсь расписать процесс ремонта, но советую посмотреть видео. оно в конце поста, чуть более 5 минут.

Dropped a small clock screw on the keyboard. He rolled under the key L, and then pressed it. All. There is a break in the path, or rather two paths. Now part of the keys does not work.

The laptop is still under warranty, but as everyone understands. The case is not warranty. The client turned to the official repairs, but they cannot replace the keyboard due to its absence at this time. And if they take it, it will cost like a new mid.budget laptop and waiting for 3 months.

Our task is to carry out repairs and at the same time not lose the guarantee. That is, we will repair without opening the laptop.

This is what the space is like under the key:

The microscope shows that not one is penetrated, but 2 tracks that are located one under another:

That is, we have 3 layers of films. On the upper and lower, the conductive composition is applied, and the middle layer for isolation. Also, the layers are glued together.

Carefully, using a scalpel, probe and tweezers, cut and share the layers:

After separation of the layers, we glue the lower layer to the substrate using an adhesive tape.

Можно использовать скотч 3м, но мне больше нравится бутчер для этих целей. Разница в том, что у первого имеется пленочная основа, а у второго ее вообще нет. только клей.

Пробовал несколько вариантов из Китая, но остановился на классическом серебряном Контактоле.

We measure the resistance of the restored area:

In addition, only half an hour passed. This is the time through which you can continue to work with glue. Full time of drying. 24 hours. By this time, the resistance will still fall.

The fact that the glue is not applied very evenly is absolutely nothing to affect. Of course, you can clean up with a scalpel, but you can do this after completely solidified, t.e. After 24 hours. We don’t have so much time. Time, in the region of 23:00, and in the morning give a laptop.

Now again apply adhesive tape and glue the next layer (isolation). The native adhesive layer between the films does not lose its properties. It remains sticky. The films are successfully glued together.

Again, apply the conductive glue and distribute it with a margin under the native conductive layer of the keyboard paths:

Press the upper path to the glue and fix for 30 minutes.

Further, for strength and waterproofing, we’ll be a drop of B-7000 and glue a piece of the capet (or polyamide) to close the adhesive layer:

T.e. The working key. I checked other keys too. There is in the video. The keyboard is completely serviceable.

In conclusion, I will say that repairs are such appropriate only in some cases, like this. In 95-99% of cases, it is more advisable to change the keyboard. We carry out this kind of work no more than 1 time per month. As a rule, these are either warranty devices or some rare and expensive devices, not necessarily laptops. In this case, the cost of repairs amounted to 2000 bonus from the client for efficiency. This is a minimum for this kind of work in our country.

Check hardware problems

It is also possible that problems with the equipment is a culprit if your keyboard suddenly stops working. But this is a problem that you can solve while you are careful.

Just remove the lid of your laptop. Then adjust the screws in your laptop using a screwdriver. If you don’t think you can do it well, it is recommended to invite an expert.

Tell them about the problem. Tell them that they also need to carefully check hardware problems.

What to do if the keyboard does not work on the laptop. all solutions

If you read these lines, then your keyboard has ceased to function normally: individual buttons do not work or it does not work at all.

The reasons why the keyboard does not work on the laptop several:

  • Software-due to damage to drivers, conflicting software, irregular settings.
  • Hardware. due to mechanical damage. Due to spilled fluid, dust and other garbage.

We will analyze each reason in detail and eliminate the problem.

We determine the performance of the keyboard through BIOS

So, you checked the keyboard and realized that it does not function. Therefore, we will look for errors through the BIOS system. In this case, it is possible to determine what the error contains: in the mechanical or software part. To enter the BIOS, you need to restart the computer and when it only starts to boot (1-2 seconds.), click on hot keys F1-F10, or ESC, Tab (there may be others).

In other words, the entrance to BIOS on different laptops is different. When you enter it, quite often the error happens in the Numlock tab. You need to find out if the Enabled command is on, or is Disabled?

We connect a wireless or additional keyboard

For the most part, the OS on the machine sets the purchased keyboard. But, it happens, there are malfunctions. The standard laptop for the most part has three methods of connection with this device: via PS/2, USB or wireless connection. If the laptop is compact, but it usually introduced the last two methods.

When you connect the input device with the system, the OS on the machine begins to look for the device and connects it to the PC. It happens that Windows asks to add certain drivers. They are usually on a laser disk in the package where there was a keyboard.

We connect a wireless or additional keyboard

For the most part, the OS on the machine sets the purchased keyboard. But, it happens, there are malfunctions. The standard laptop for the most part has three methods of connection with this device: via PS/2, USB or wireless connection. If the laptop is compact, but it usually introduced the last two methods.

keyboard, does, work, check, connect

When you connect the input device with the system, the OS on the machine begins to look for the device and connects it to the PC. It happens that Windows asks to add certain drivers. They are usually on a laser disk in the package where there was a keyboard.

Turn on the keyboard on the display

It is possible that all my recommendations did not give the desired result, and the input device did not work. In this case, you can try to apply the screen keyboard (if you really need to enter the information). I will not tell you about her in detail, since I have an article “screen keyboard” in which I told how it can be turned on by several methods.

The key fn

The FN key on a laptop or netbook in combination with the upper row keys and some others performs quite useful functions-reduction/increase in the volume, brightness of the screen, turning/off Wi-Fi and TouchPad, as well as some other functions.

When pressing one FN key. usually nothing happens. It works in combination with other keys.

But if the combination of FN with the keys of the upper functional row does not work, then it is not included or the appropriate software is not installed to control the combination of hot keys.

The reason why the FN keys do not work:

  • Unknown drivers to control the combination of the FN keys. In some models of laptops, it needs to be turned on in the bios.
  • She could clog or a foreign object (garbage) fell under the button).
keyboard, does, work, check, connect

First of all, you need to install the corresponding driver. To do this, we go to the laptop manufacturer’s website.

We download the desired software there, install and use a convenient combination of hot keys.

How to enable FN key in BIOS

At the time of reboot, press the entrance key to BIOS. Enter the System Configuration tab (system configuration).

Note: When switching the value on the Disabled point Action Keys Mode in Bios, you thereby turn off the priority of multimedia keys. With installed drivers, the keys of the upper row will work only when the FN key is pressed.

With the value of Enabled. the multimedia value of the keys will be in the priority. That is, the keys of the upper row will perform their multimedia functions, without a combination with the FN key. and functional keys F1-F12. They will work only when pressed with a fn key.

For different models of bios menu laptops, it may vary depending on the firmware.

At the entrance to the BIOS, look for a line in the name of which will be the word key. Sometimes it is Function Key Behavior in some cases. Action Key Mode.

  • Function Key. standard execution of the functional keys Enabled \ Disabled.
  • Multimedia Key. multimedia performance of functional keys to return their standard value, additional pressing of the FN key is required. Enabled \ Disabled

The keyboard is clogged. the FN key does not work

Often various garbage can fall into the keyboard, from dust to Bukhankaa crumbs, animal hair, in which case it is enough to clean the keyboard yourself or contact a specialist.